About us

Why was Alix created?

We want everyone to have a look at the art...

Works of art are too often locked up in the walls of conventional art galleries and living rooms. We want art to be part of our daily lives.
Art cannot be limited to its virtual version.

The Internet has considerably democratized access to the works of thousands of artists, both amateurs and professionals. It is a godsend for the democratization of art. But we quickly see the limits of the virtual world: a work of art exhibited before your eyes provides much more emotion than its dematerialized version.

We live in a society of experiences

No matter what we do, whether it's sightseeing, dining out or shopping, we are looking for something unique that often goes far beyond the stated promise of the establishment. Art is that bridge that transports us to another universe, no matter where it is present.

How does Alix works? 

We put artists in direct contact with new exhibition venues.

We work with painters, sculptors, designers and photographers. We select our artists for the quality of their work and their motivation, as well as for the opportunity their art offers to be exhibited in our partner establishments.

For the artists

We allow artists to multiply their exhibitions and promote new sales, as well as to highlight their work in an atypical location.

For institutions

We allow the establishments to renew their decoration to the rhythm of the exhibitions, and to propose to their customers to contemplate original works of quality.

What we do

We organize exhibitions

We organize art exhibitions in places of daily Parisian life. All the works are directly on sale during the exhibitions via our online art gallery.
We propel our community of artists

We don't have a physical gallery, which is why we're going to bring our community of artists to the forefront. We want to permanently expose the maximum of our artists in everyday places, so that as many people as possible can enjoy them.

We make it easy to buy art

By developing an online art gallery, we want everyone who discovers a physical exhibition to be able to find the complete work of the artist online. Thus he will be able to easily start or enrich his own collection. On the other hand, a person who would have had knowledge of an artist through our online gallery will be able to find his works in the place of exhibition.

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